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I like things and post about them. So yeah.

God dammit this girl caught feelings, she be all like “let’s talk on the phone,” I’m in NY for two more weeks what the fuck does she think is gonna happen?

I am currently getting drunk with a mom from right near hometown in the baltimore airport because our flight to albany got delayed.

hmmmm interesting…..

I like how I now outrank people who gave me advice on going to bootcamp,

going home

Somehow it will be cheaper for me to stop in Orlando on my flight home than stopping in Midway. Yeah doesn’t make sense to me either…

Oh god this might get ugly tonight.

So a guy I was friends with in college, not great friends mind you, but we would drink together, go to concerts with our friends, he played rugby with several of my other friends, is on trial for murdering his own father. I mean I remember hanging out with him Luke, Ian and Monty, going to see Mustard Plug, Streetlight Manifesto, and Reel Big Fish.      
He always seemed like a good kid, I didn’t know much about his family life, but he seemed like a level headed, good hearted individual. Just can’t picture him doing something like that. But then again the world is a crazy place.